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Banff Wedding Photographer | Banff Springs wedding with a vintage-y, antique feel & more detail shots than I’ve ever taken before!

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

So a few months ago, in March to be precise, Derek and I headed off to Banff to attend Susan and Krister’s wedding. I did my best to be a good guest and stay out of the hired photographers’ way while still nabbing a few shots during the ceremony (at St Georges in the Pines) and the reception (Fairmont Banff Springs) for fun. The detail shots, however, were where I got to run wild! Susan asked if i’d be ok to shoot the details for them, and of course I was! For one, I’ve never just “hung out” between the ceremony and reception, I’m always off taking pictures of the family and the wedding party, so what in the world was I going to do for 3 hours other than take photos? Secondly… well, look at the details! It’s a wedding photographers dream (ok, maybe not all photographers love the detail shots, but I do) to have hours to shoot the details with no pressure and no time contraints. And, um, yeah, look at the rings I got to play with for the ring shots… love!!

The details at Susan’ and Krister’s wedding were spectacular! There was an awesome vintage/antique feel which really suited Mt Stephan Hall at the Fairmont Banff Springs. There were lots of different flower arrangements and tons of awesome vintage tins used in the centrepieces for the tables. There was a pretty rockin’ latte bar too, with lots of vintage teacups and the sweet table… oh my, the sweet table! It was decked out in super tasty cookies and had the most awesome cake from The Art of Cake. I love the cake topper which was just perfect for a pair of photographers getting married. I do wonder if it’s wrong to pledge my undying love to chivari chairs… ok, it’s is, but I can’t help it! Look how amazing those chairs looked! Everywhere you look there were thoughtful, fantastic details. Also totally loving Krister’s felt flower bout… awesome!

Speaking of awesome, well, that had to be Susan and Krister’s wedding planner, Rebecca from High Culture: Weddings & Special Events. Rebecca was fantastic and was very speedy with the set-up of things, and as we can see from the photos, the reception was breathtaking. The gorgeous flowers were from Studio Bloom in Edmonton.

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